There is nothing I like more...

...than when people are able to profit from the things I create. I am a software consultant who often works as a freelance web-developer. Typically I work for agencies, but I do work for individual clients as well; as long as I am helping people solve problems, I'm a happy geek!

The tl;dr:

I'm a one-man-band shop who works with the whole LAMP stack.

  • Linux Admin/Apache/mySQL/PHP
  • WordPress Plugins and Themes
  • Javascript, including some nodejs experience
  • Front end goodies like HTML, CSS,
  • Cross Browser Testing (IE, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • PHP Frameworks like Symfony

On one hand, I'm pretty good on the front end-- HTML/CSS is my first language and writing clean javascript is just plain fun (I know jQuery like the back of my hand and would love to find that project which will make playing with backbone and ember finally pay off). I also know how to make stuff work on the backend; MVC is a pretty thing for me (I've written Magento plugins and really dig the ORM-focused "way" of doing things in systems like aMember), but heck, I have the deep knowledge of WordPress that makes using it quick... just don't hand me a project with a bunch of mysteriously named functions in a single file include()-ed at the head and I'll be a happy dev.

How I Work

I prefer to work with agencies as a freelance problem solver, but I also do a number of projects directly for businesses. In all cases, I typically am the person responsible for making sure that...


While there is nothing I like more than a well-spec'd slide deck or PSD alongside a nicely documented set of use cases, I understand that ultimately I am the person responsible for getting all the information necessary to complete the project-- even if getting that info means being a bit more client-facing.

Some of my projects are directly contracted by businesses, such as shopping cart customizations or brochure websites-- I understand that the constraints of making a sale and keeping up with a specific client are where the rubber meets the road as far a digital agency is concerned, and so that is ultimately my metric for project success.

Having worked remotely for the last several years, I am aware of the special relationship that putting faith in a person who you can't walk across the hall and speak to. Those of us that work in distributed teams have, however, found a number of really good solutions. My main solution is that:

I keep regular office hours from 10-6 Texas time.

On top of that, I enjoy things like Harvest, Basecamp, Phabricator, and git as methods to document my work and my to-dos...



Developer (Contract) 2013-2014

Worked Burlyhouse's custom PHP framework to serve a varitey of client needs in governement and education domains. Helped rework the front-end Javascript elements of the application to better serve a wide vareiety of data visualization needs. Solved many cross browser issues, especially in IE7 and earlier android browsers.

The Gateway Network

Lead Developer (Contract) 2012-2013

Created marketing and eCommerce sites for a variety of clients, typically WordPress but including a large custom Magento project; integrated services between sites to facilitate easy cross-site content management; selected appropriate technology solutions and implemented projects.

Marketing Clique

Developer (Contract) 2011-2012

Implemented custom WordPress solutions for clients and internally. Work involved heavy customization of commercial templates and troubleshooting complex javascript applications.

Firetide Creative

Developer (Contract) 2011-2012

Implemented WordPress sites, including custom PSD to complete themes. Integrated third-party programs such as

Rainman, LLC

Production Manager 2010-2011

Oversaw the production of 80+ brochure websites, mostly for independent insurance agents. Created a rapid production system. Hired additional employees.


While I could give a litany of soft skills ranging from pleasant telephone mannerisms to business development, let's just stick to some of my hard skills that might be relevent if you're looking for a freelance dev.

  • Full stack LAMP development, from turning on a Rackspace instance to working out why a Magento widget is breaking the template.
    • Comfortable with the CLI
    • SQL
    • Object-Oriented PHP, with some knowledge of Symfony
    • Deep knowledge of WordPress
    • Experience writing plugins and/or templates for Drupal, Joomla!, aMember, and Magento
    • Experience setting up VPSs on services such as AWS, Linode, and Digital Ocean
  • Front-end development, from figuring out why IE8 is screwing things up to troubleshooting AJAX calls
    • HTML and CSS
    • UX/UI sensibilities
    • Javascript... real javascript. I mean, I love me some jQuery and wouldn't want to live without it, but heck I don't -need- it. I've played with ember and backbone but as much as I love them I haven't had much of a good project to put them to use, though I have written an application in node.
    • AJAX-- yes-- it is my responsibility to understand how to debug an HTTP request, and I can do it
    • I've also had success with libraries such as jQuery mobile
  • OSS Packages that I know:
    • WordPress-- you need templates or something that isn't already available as a plugin? I do that.
    • I've written themes and plugins for: Magento, aMember, Joomla!, Drupal, .NET, and cakePHP.
    • I like scrapy for mwebsite scraping


I have an extensive formal humanities education, including an MA in Literature and a BA in Philosophy. When people say that this kind of education teaches you how to learn, this is what they mean: my education in logic, research, and various modes of human understanding have prepared me to master a variety of complex technologies quickly. The wealth of training materials available on the net makes this process quite enjoyable. On some level, that's probably why I typically embrace well documented open source technologies with large user communities, such as WordPress.

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX - BA, Philosophy, 2000

West Texas A&M University
Canyon, TX - MA, English, 2003


GMDC 365


A heavily customized Magento product listing site in which I had developed a number of plugins and integrated heavy database customizations. More Info...

CPE Genie

CPE Genie

An aMember plugin and template for a site selling professional development to accountants. More Info...



Custom WordPress template and modified IDX plugin for a real estate broker website.More Info...


  • John Reeve
  • 806.577.0343
  • Fredericksburg, TX