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Graham Warwick

Graham Warwick

One of my great musical mentors has been Mr. Graham Warwick. I think he’s the one who more or less taught me how to be on stage like I am; for sure, he’s the first person who was hiring me for twice-weekly gigs.

A big chunk of my blues song bag comes from him too. I end a lot of my piano set’s with “Wonderful World”… it’s not just a great tune, but Graham learned it from Spot Barnett, and Spot learned it from Louis himself.

I don’t play as many gigs with Graham these days, but we have been picking up more here and there. You can catch us at the 2018 Kerrville Folk Festival as well as at the Pecan Grove Store over the summer.

We did a pretty good album out at Loma Ranch studios, with John Ike Walton (of the 13th Floor Elevators) on drums and the most excellent John Sprott on guitar.

Here we are playing some winter a while ago in Fredericksburg:

Here’s his website:

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