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Redeeming Q-Anon-Based Politics

Redeeming Q-Anon-Based Politics

I think “trump fights pedophiles” is a bat-shit crazy point of view. I can’t accept it in general (thought holy shit, Clintons and Trump are both Epstien adjacent crews).

I would wouldn’t recommend accepting that idea of “trump fights pedophiles” as true…

at the same time, a lot of the current situation makes sense if you accept that there are a lot of folks in the world who -believe- that is true on a really deep level.

It’s fun to mock those folks (I sure do), and it’s fun to draw on their strange beliefs and find things (like, really, the trueAnon podcast lays out some really fucking weird shit that is at worst factually correct and at best the revelation of lovcraftian horrors).

But, much in the same way I didn’t really “get” the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s until I tried acid, I didn’t really “get” why people were into Trump until I accepted that they legit think this way.

I wouldn’t have written that all out, but I feel like there is a lot of useful work to be done in decoding the reactionary and sociopathic politics at play in that line of thinking.

Like, if you erase Donald Trump from that, and a bunch of the esoterica, then the idea that there’s a very wealthy and powerful group of folks who

a) does whatever they want with impunity (including sex with children, murdering political rivals, and implementing autocratic technological solutions that screw over the majority of people)

b) is relatively well networked and has many overlapping interests,

and c) operates behind a screen of ideology which prevents the majority of people from looking up from “Tiger King” and doing the critical interpretive work of seeing the operation of political power which drives their lives…

like, if you remove DT and their regressive, reactionary politics there’s a lot more revolutionary potential there than you;d find in most Professional Managerial Class liberal politics.

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