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Stephen K Morris and the Poets and Liars Club

Stephen K Morris and the Poets and Liars Club

For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing a lot of gigs with Mr. Stephen K. Morris, who is currently residing in Fredericksburg, TX.

If you haven’t caught the show, he’s a true poet in the tradition of folks like Townes Van Zandt or Guy Clark.  He writes these really cool folks songs and plays the guitar, and usually I play upright bass and harmonica on a rack.  The gigs are always fun, and I love playing with him.

Outsider Songwriter Spotlight

In addition to being an all around coot dude and performing under his own name, he’s produced two really cool additional projects.

First, he’s been doing a a singer-songwriter interview show, “The Outsider Songwriter  Series”.  It’s an hour of him swapping stories and songs with some of the best up-and-coming songwriters who pass through Texas.

Here’s a great sample show, where he interviews the great Richard Dobson:

You can catch 30+ more episodes of the show here:

The Poets and Liars Club

Another wonderful project that we’ve been engaged in is The Poets and Liars Club, which is basically a rotating cast of band members who are playing mostly tunes by Stephen.  This group often features myself, Jimmy Ruggiere ( ), T-Roy Miller ( ), as well as whoever else he can get up on a stage.  It’s always a privilege to get to play with those fine musicians.

For more information about Stephen, you can look him up at his website:

Here are some videos of us playing:

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