John Reeve

Musician, Artist, Technologist

Want to hire me?

I don’t usually put this out there to the general public, but I am currently on a mission to avoid getting a real job for a while so I can try and get my singer/songwriter material off the ground.

While I play pedal steel, organ, and a bunch of other stuff quite well, lately I’ve been enjoying playing bass, upright or electric.

I’m a pro player seeking similar. I’ve played a lot of country, songwriter, real-deal blues, hot club, big-band jazz etc. For enough money I can play bluegrass (both tunes that yall do).

I learn tunes fast, know hundreds of songs, can read or improv, have local DGO references, would be stoked to tour with the right folks, have transportation and a lot of availability. I’ve got plenty of other skills (from singing to engineering to playin’ bass on a synth).

To be clear, I am looking for paid gigs and I can deliver on my end of that.

For more info about my projects, see

Anyhow, email me at [email protected] for info and feel free to pass my info around.

Here is a picture of me taken when I was working in Texas. It was taken by this oddball German fellow who had apparently made his F-U money by writing the script to the film Anaconda. What a strange world: